Product Details


a) Clear

b) Bronze

c) Green

d) Blue


190*190*80mm; 190*190*95mm; 145*145*80mm; 145*145*95mm; 190*90*80mm etc.

Hot Products

Sheet Glass

a) Light Transmission --The light transmission reaches 12%-82% depending upon color and thickness b) Thermal insulation -- Proprietary hollow from contributes to reduce the energy consumption and therefore energy costs.

Louver Glass

1)Clear Louver Glass 2)Color Louver Glass

Cut-to-Size Glass

Cut-to-size glass fulfill customers’ unique and stylish design requirements. It’s used widely in fields of residential apartments and commercial workplace, such as shower glass shelves, greenhouse flower shelves or kitchen glass pads as well as watch glass and mirrors etc. It can be edged or polished safely and shaped variously to reach personal satisfaction.

Solar Panel Glass

1) Ultra Clear Float Solar Glass 2) Ultra Clear Textured Solar Glass