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Painted Glass

PHOENIX Lacquered Glass Back Painted which is also named lacquered glass, painting glass or spandrel glass, is made by the top-quality clear float or ultra-clear float glass, through depositing a highly durable and resistant lacquer onto the flat and smooth surface of the glass. The painted surface is smooth, even, easy cleaning. Lacquered glass has all the features of the original float glass, but also supplied wonderful opaque and colorful decorative application. It could keep color and last forever.

Frosted Glass Acid Etched

PHOENIX Frosted Glass Acid Etched also called anti fingerprint glass, opaque glass or glass etching. it is produced by acid etched the surface of the float glass, which form an obscure and smooth surface. This glass admits light while providing softening and vision control Now our innovated technology could make really nice feeling acid etched glass. It has distinctive uniformly smooth and stain-like appearance. As a translucent product, it admits light whilst still providing obscuration and vision control as the China acid etched glass manufacturer.

Ceramic Fritted glass

PHOENIX Ceramic Fritted glass is based on acid-etched processing way, mixing with mirror, titanium or silk screen technology, processing on one side of the glass, making the glass in view of three-dimensional sight, letting the light transmittance and at the same time providing privacy space. It actually applies a specific color glaze to the surface of the glass, and using a proper heat treatment process to permanently fix the glaze coated on the glass surface. It not only has exquisite pattern and also has very good decorative properties acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and stability. It is easy to clean and is not easy to fade. It is a common architectural decoration material in the current construction field along with the improvement of the consumption level of the domestic society the glazed glass has not only appeared in the fields of high-end commercial buildings or high-end furniture decoration, but also has been widely used and applied in ordinary architectural decoration.

Printing Glass

Printing glass is used ink or inorganic glaze to print to the glass surface, and then by drying, hot processing to get a kind of wear-resisting, resistance to acid and alkali of decorative glass products. This product has a high functional and decorative. It has many different colors and patterns, such as strip and mesh, it can be customized as well for unique styles or designs.