Product Details


Coated on the high-quality float glass, exact image

Double coated qualified water-proof brand paint

The plating layer is rigid and bonded. The protective layer is impregnable with good erosion-resistant. Actual and accurate reflection, high optical and durability.

Easy to be cut, drilled, or beveled, could be made into wall mirror, decorative mirror, safety mirror, furniture mirror etc.


PHOENIX Aluminum Mirror can be used in many applications where high light reflectance and a sense of increased space are important such as:

Paneling mirror on walls or doors

Furniture and shelves mirror.

Decorative mirror

Dressing mirror


PHOENIX Glass comply with China GB/T32025


Glass color. Clear, Ultra clear, Bronze. Euro grey. Dark blue, Light blue. Dark green, Light green, etc

Back Paint Color. Grey. Blue, White. etc.

Thickness: 2mm.3mm.4mm.5mm.5.5mm and 6mm. etc.

Sizes: 1220x1830mm. 1600x2200mm. 1830x2440mm. 2134x3300mm and 2250x3300mm, etc

Phoenix aluminum mirror use high-quality glass plates as the original material followed by pure water cleaning, polishing, high vacuum metal magnetron sputtering deposition of aluminum, oxygen fast reaction, the first pass of corrosion-resistant paint and drying. The second time waterproof plus hard paint and drying and other processing procedures.

Hot Products

Silver Mirror

PHOENIX Silver Mirror is a highly durable mirror coated on its back surface with silver which produces images by reflection. This kind of glass mirror is produced by coating a silver, copper film and two or more layers of waterproof paint on the back surface of float glass, which perfectly resists acid and moisture. A silver glass mirror provides clear and actual images is quite durable and is widely used for furniture, bathroom and other decorative purposes such as art mirror, framed mirror, shelf mirror, dressing mirror, cosmetic mirror, mosaic mirror, slide door mirror and other processed mirror etc.... Decorative glass mirrors are usually handcrafted. A variety of shades, shapes and glass thickness are often available.

Copper Free Mirror

a)Environmentally friendly, without copper film and lead residues, Copper free mirror fulfills the environmental requirements. b)Copper free mirror is a revolutionary leap in the mirror manufacturing process. c)Without copper film, Copper free mirror can prevent clouding problem and resist the humidity and oxidation with the clear and exact image of long duration.

Safety Backed Mirror

Safety mirror is pasted with CAT I (PC film) or CAT II (Lattice film) on back of silver mirror or aluminum mirror for safety purpose.

Antique Mirror

Phoenix antique mirror is an unique mirror with several different designs. The antique mirrors is based clear float glass mirror or tinted glass mirror and then go for a special processing to make final appearance showing unique stylish colorfulness.