Product Details


• High reflective, exactly image reflectance with virtually no distortion.

• Copper protection significantly enhanced mirror durability with good erosion-resistant.

• Coated on the high-quality mirror grade float glass, with exact image.

• Double coated water-proof paint, customized pain color available.

• Wide application possibility for interior, exterior, bathroom etc.

• Easy to be cut, drilled or beveled that suits for all kinds of further processing.

it can be made into safety mirror through sticking special PE film in the backside

(both CAT I and CAT Il are available).


Silver mirrors as one kind glass mirror of decorative glasses are widely used in furniture, crafts, decoration, bathroom mirrors, cosmetic mirrors, optical mirrors, and automotive rearview mirrors. When storing glass mirrors do not stack them with alkaline and acidic materials to avoid storage in damp environments. The production process of the silver mirror is also more complicated, so the silver mirror price and texture will of course be high to some extent with the improvement of people's living standards, the interior decoration of modem home life, shopping malls and entertainment venues is becoming more and more high-grade, and the requirements for the silver mirrors are becoming stricter.


PHOENIX Glass comply with China GB/T23148. Europe EN1036


Glass Colors: Clear, Low Iron, Bronze, Grey, Blue, Green etc.

Back Paint Colors: Grey, Blue, Green, White, etc.

Thickness: 2mm. 3mm. 4mm. 5mm and 6mm, etc.

Sizes: 1830×1220mm, 1830×2440mm, 2140×3300mm and 2250×3300mm, etc.

Hot Products

Copper Free Mirror

a)Environmentally friendly, without copper film and lead residues, Copper free mirror fulfills the environmental requirements. b)Copper free mirror is a revolutionary leap in the mirror manufacturing process. c)Without copper film, Copper free mirror can prevent clouding problem and resist the humidity and oxidation with the clear and exact image of long duration.

Aluminium Mirror

PHOENIX Aluminum Mirror which is produced through horizontal production line that is the most advanced production equipment for coating aluminum mirror. High quality clear float and modern mirror equipment combine to produce competitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality. It is suitable for further processed and edge working. Our colored mirror is produced by vacuum coating a layer of aluminum on the tinted glass which can supply you a different and nice decorating effect.

Safety Backed Mirror

Safety mirror is pasted with CAT I (PC film) or CAT II (Lattice film) on back of silver mirror or aluminum mirror for safety purpose.

Antique Mirror

Phoenix antique mirror is an unique mirror with several different designs. The antique mirrors is based clear float glass mirror or tinted glass mirror and then go for a special processing to make final appearance showing unique stylish colorfulness.