Product Details


1.8mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm etc.


900*600mm, 1220*914mm, 2140*1650mm, 2440*1830mm, 3300*2140mm, 3660*2140/2440mm etc.


a) Clear

b) Bronze

c) Euro Grey

d) Ultra Clear etc.


a) Home decoration mirror

b) Bathroom mirror etc.

Hot Products

Silver Mirror

PHOENIX Silver Mirror is a highly durable mirror coated on its back surface with silver which produces images by reflection. This kind of glass mirror is produced by coating a silver, copper film and two or more layers of waterproof paint on the back surface of float glass, which perfectly resists acid and moisture. A silver glass mirror provides clear and actual images is quite durable and is widely used for furniture, bathroom and other decorative purposes such as art mirror, framed mirror, shelf mirror, dressing mirror, cosmetic mirror, mosaic mirror, slide door mirror and other processed mirror etc.... Decorative glass mirrors are usually handcrafted. A variety of shades, shapes and glass thickness are often available.

Copper Free Mirror

a)Environmentally friendly, without copper film and lead residues, Copper free mirror fulfills the environmental requirements. b)Copper free mirror is a revolutionary leap in the mirror manufacturing process. c)Without copper film, Copper free mirror can prevent clouding problem and resist the humidity and oxidation with the clear and exact image of long duration.

Aluminium Mirror

PHOENIX Aluminum Mirror which is produced through horizontal production line that is the most advanced production equipment for coating aluminum mirror. High quality clear float and modern mirror equipment combine to produce competitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality. It is suitable for further processed and edge working. Our colored mirror is produced by vacuum coating a layer of aluminum on the tinted glass which can supply you a different and nice decorating effect.

Antique Mirror

Phoenix antique mirror is an unique mirror with several different designs. The antique mirrors is based clear float glass mirror or tinted glass mirror and then go for a special processing to make final appearance showing unique stylish colorfulness.