Product Details

Phoenix can produce the flat or curved tempered glass. The size can be customized and the different tempered logos can be printed on the glass according to customers' requirements. All work done on glass (beveling, cutting, drilling, bending, etc) must be done before tempering. Ideal for areas with high wind loads and occasions with frequent human contacts. Phoenix tempered glass is the perfect option for architects who must meet building codes and safety requirements and for most situations where human contacts are an important consideration.


SPECIFICATIONS of Toughened/Tempered glass

Clear float toughened glass,

reflective toughened glass,

tinted toughened glass,

low-E toughened glass,

toughened pattern glass,

silk screen printed toughened glass, etc.


Clear, Ultra Clear, Bronze, Golden, Grey, Green, Blue and Pink etc.


AS/NZS 2208:1996; EN 12150-2:2004 etc.


Building glass: curtain walls, windows & doors, balustrades, pooling fences, etc.

Interior glass: furniture, shop display, showcase, bathroom shelves, stair and floor, etc.

Household articles: table-top, chopping board, kitchen splashback, home appliance panel and coaster etc.

Hot Products

Laminated Glass

PHOENIX Laminated Glass is a kind of safety glass produced with a film or multilayer films that are bonded together between ordinary glass sheets and then pressed together. It is made by good quality adhesive interlayer and advanced bond technology. This makes the complete adhesion of the vinyl and the glass in the event of breakage the glass fragments remain bonded to the plastic interlayer. Laminated glass contains annealed laminated glass and tempered laminated glass. Different colors and thicknesses of the monolithic glass and the PVB interlayer film will give different performance of the laminated glass.

Bending Glass

PHOENIX Bending Glass, also called curved glass, is processed into a softening point by a specific mold and equipment and is rapidly and uniformly cooled by cold air. The tempered glass forms a uniform compressive stress on the surface and the internal tensile stress is formed, which effectively improves the glass. The glass has four times the bending and impact resistance of the glass. When it is broken, it splits into small particles that are uniform and have no splitting mouth and are not easy to injure.

Insulated Glass

PHOENIX Insulated Glass, also known as double glazing glass, has excellent performance on reduction of heat gain or loss, which made of two or more pieces of Low-E Glass, or clear/tinted/reflective glass with effective support and evenly spaced and sealed at the periphery to form a dry gas space between the glass interlayers. The space between the glasses is field with air or argon and sealed with sealants and aluminum spacers to meet the requirements for saving energy and environmental protection. The glass layer is supposed to be tempered or laminated to ensure safety.